Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Start of my Geese in the Forest quilt

Due to an unprecedented amount of laundry (possibly due to the school holidays!) My Turning Twenty fat quarter quilt has only just made it into the washer today of it's first crinkling up wash. I have a plan to get some photo's taken tomorrow so I can share it but you know what they say about plans and the weather! 
My sewing everyday goal is going well with a good few more baskets waiting to be hand stitched, it takes me forever to get around to that bit as I don't enjoy it too much , however once they are done I'll share those too :)

I finally made a start on the Geese in the forest quilt 

The first set of blocks are hole punched and my trial block came together really fast (for me anyway) low volume background and scrappy geese...I don't like it.

Just too busy. Lower low volume may have worked but I was spitting the dummy out by that point as it  had looked so good in my head! 

One giant pile of scraps later and I remembered when in doubt use linen! 

I'm sticking with this one, calm background with wild geese :D 

I think I have about 1/4 yard of Essex dyed linen in flax left so I need to reorder asap, do I order from the US and pay pennies for the fabric and gouge my eyes out on the shipping or order from the UK and   declare bankruptcy by the end of the month...I need a cheaper hobby lol 


  1. I repeat - You are crazy. How do you find linen to work with? Do you do any pre-preparation? I've just got 3m at $8/m of a light grey but it's a tad flimsy

  2. sadly im with you on the first ones, but the linen ones look amazing, itsatough call UK v USA. but you have to wait longer for USA, and if you then get customs charges too - ouch

  3. Those geese on the linen are gorgeous. Where to order more from is a hard choice though...

  4. I love your geese, the linen looks so beautiful with them! I need to make more flying geese, I love them so much!


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