Friday, 9 August 2013

Turning Twenty quilt update

So I made the sensible choice and chose to quilt the Turning Twenty quilt before starting the Geese in the Forest, it has given me a chance to have a proper think on which fabrics to work with and I am thinking low volume background rather than white with either scrappy geese or hitting up my Anna Maria Horner or Amy Butler stashes :) 
Onto Turning Twenty :D Oh how I love these threads! 
I chose the pink one to help tie in some of the more erm...vibrant colours in the quilt top!

I feel the need to "keep it real" here and point out I quilt with loud music or podcasts on and a cup of tea or a glass of wine if I'm feeling cheeky. I have to wrangle quilts through my machine given the layout of the room and I am known to swear while doing so. 

I would just hate to think someone "out there" thought it was a breeze to quilt a 20FQ quilt on a home machine and then got a shock when they tried...It takes wine, loud music and bad language people! 

It is now waiting it's turn in the washing machine (after Madams laundry in the morning!) and I will show finished pictures once it's all crinkly and dry.

Have a great weekend! 

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  1. well done!

    guess what - at a quilt show yesterday. . . a whole rack of turning twenty books, how come I've never seen them before?


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