Friday, 11 October 2013

Patchwork cushions

This blog post was scheduled to go live a good few days ago and didn't, I don't know why it didn't as it is pretty straightforward to schedule posts on blogger but I suspect it was something I did and that ladies and gentlemen is why I fear one day I'll break the internet.

I wanted to make some cushion covers in extra large to accommodate the cushions that I salvaged from my old sofa before it bit the dust earlier in the year. It was furnished with four 24" feather monsters along the backrest and they were just too comfy to throw out!

I had a rummage in my "low volume but not too low volume" scrap pile (Does anyone else organise like that?) and came up with these bad gals. 
5x5 5" squares later this is what I had made

I quilted 1/4" from the seam lines and called it done.
Yeah I'm not one for over complicating things when a quick finish is on the cards! 

Sorry about the crappy iphone photos no excuses other than laziness.
I made it into an envelope back due to my fear of zippers as its nice and fast then threw on a grey spotty binding. 
Done and loving it. 
Loved it that much I made a brighter version to join it! 

I can see some of these being made and added to the shop in the next few weeks as I really had fun making them and how much more instant gratification can a girl want than sewing up a cushion in half an hour (Yes I know I live a rock n roll life) 

So this is how the sofa looks now that it has been decorated with handmade cushions...Yup still room for me, 'Bella and a few more cushions! 


  1. That's happened to me - I realised I'd scheduled the post without hitting the publish button. I love your cushions, especially your bright one!

  2. I LOVE the fabrics you've used in these cushions!! And the grey and white polka dot binding is the perfect frame for them.

  3. Those patchwork cushions look great. Your sofa gets better every week :D

  4. Lovely cushions, and great sorting system. I think.if you did break the internet we might all gain some spare tiime!


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