Monday, 28 October 2013

Pixelated heart Quilt

I came across this post a while back on Blue Elephant stitches and the question of a 5" version has sort of tickled my brain ever since. Half term and a week off work were heading up on me and I thought why not? So here is the photo diary of my Pixelated Heart quilt.

I hadn't realised just how many pinks reds and plums I have in my stash!

Chopped into 5" squares (Ignore the fact they need pressed please!) 

I quickly realised I needed a design wall for this one, Him in doors was very sweet and helped me with the high areas! I am height challenged at 5' 2"and this was hitting the very top of the ceiling in our loft.

I will admit to now wanting a "real" design wall as seriously how much easier did it make my life!?! I am impressed :)
Once I'd figured out my layout came the fun part of transferring it to the sewing machine, keeping my fingers crossed the whole time that I didn't muddle the squares up.

I had a look around the internet to see if anyone other than Blue elephant stitches had stated a preference for line by line or making blocks then sewing them together but no one had so I went with my "need to see results quickly" mentality and made blocks.

Again please ignore the ironing board and iron flex :) 

And they came together faster than I thought.
It took most of my day off last week to get the top done (New job, that I'm loving, with more hours = less sewing time-karma pay off perhaps?) 

 Then today, first day of half term I got this bad girl quilted! Plain and practical straight line quilting through each square, keeping with the clean lines look.

Next on the to do list is binding then a trip around the washing machine with a million colour catcher sheets! I'll let you know how that goes :D 


  1. I love it!! I've got my eye on doing a pixel heart as well! I love how you did the low volume white in the background. It turned out lovely!

  2. That's fab! I construct row by row, but I then use stitch and flip method yo attach each row not just to itself but to a fleece blanket too, so with your lovely heart, 14 lines of stitching would see it ready for binding!!!!! I'm sure the quilt police would have a fit, but it come from being self taught, impatient and skint!!!!!

  3. What a great quilt!! Once again fabulous fabric choices! Design walls are the best, I couldn't create without mine. I have a little foot stool so I can reach the high areas.


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