Friday, 21 March 2014

An off plan sewing week

Do you ever have those weeks that no matter how hard you try you just can't seem to work on the projects you set yourself? I've had one of those weeks so I figured just to go with the flow and see what happened.

So I managed to pull a totally different fabric selection for this quilt top. I had envisioned something bold and striking last week, however this week I've gone with soft spring like florals! I don't normally use solids in my quilts but felt it was necessary to add the mint to keep things on the soft and calm side. 

There is a whole load of prints here Amy Butler, Pat Bravo and Cath Kidston to name a few. 
Once I'd sewn up the rows I decided the 3 seasons of ER I have stashed on sky+ were calling my name so I'd better find some handwork to be getting on with while Dr Green gets married to Dr Corday (I love blast from the past TV!) 

Hexies were the hand sewing of choice! 

I've got no plans for them yet but figure once I get some more together an idea will form, needless to say I didn't get 4 hexie flowers made over 3 seasons! I have zero plans for Tuesday coming and the house to myself - Don't need to be a fortune teller to work out there are hexies and ER in my near future! 

In other news I have resurrected my Twitter account, I set it up years ago and never quite got around to doing anything with it.

So the aim this time is to keep it current and uptodate...ish! If you'd like to follow me and maybe see some of the things that don't end up on the blog pop over, I'm easy to find @IssabellaTheCat 

Hope you've got some great weekend sewing plans in the works! 


  1. Your quilt is beautiful. I love that solid/print combination. And your hexies are gorgeous. I'm not on Twitter but if I ever join I'll follow you :)

  2. Those florals look divine with that solid! That look is totally me.

  3. Oh I love those triangles! Great fabric choices !

  4. I've been having a few of those weeks lately. As much as I want to create it is so hard to find the time. Your quilt looks beautiful. I love the floras with the mint color fabric it reminds me of spring flowers. So pretty!.


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