Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Modern building blocks by Moda is now a brick short!

I will admit it, I jumped on the Moda Modern Building Blocks pattern like a pattern crazed, fabric hoarder when it came onto my quilty radar (months after everyone else had bought and started making theirs!) 

Lovely blog readers I paid £14 for a pattern, made one block out of it and stalled.
I do love the idea of this pattern so much and have loved watching all the progress photos popping up allover the internet. 
My problem has been...I really don't get on with that kelly green fabric!
 It has been a total revelation that one colour, in a project, can put my sewing mojo on hold to the point that I have to stop and re-evaluate the whole thing. So executive decisions were made, Issabella was consulted, and I have chosen to make the block into a "stand alone" baby quilt. To be fair its big enough, 36" square makes for a good sized baby/lap quilt so all hasn't been lost. It even managed a mix of machine & hand quilting And a funky backing fabric, I can't remember its name but I'm pretty sure its by Jay McCarroll. (I just know my bolt of britten nummer is in a huff)

So I'm now left wondering where I should place Modern building blocks on my list of "Must make quilts" It's quite a large list. so large in fact I'm thinking of giving it its own page on the blog...


  1. I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog, via etsy. Your writing really resonates with me, on the other side of the globe, yet a kindred spirit. I look forward to reading the rest of your blog in archives and hope you will hop over to my blog, too.

    I can relate to putting a color in time out, when it won't play well with the others. Isn't it swell to feel connected to that inner artist? Keep on creating and blogging. Best Regards,

  2. Oh do give it its own page on the blog! Maybe we should have a linky party - wall of shame UFOs?! I know what you mean about the green. I started a yellow/orange project 'just because' when yellow is NOT my colour. I can't face it and put it away today...


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