Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Easter Holidays, Etsy, Four Winds quilt and a sulky cat.

We're only 8 days in to April but thanks to some time off from my day job I've managed to get some sewing done. I've been posting on Instagram rather a lot over the holidays but thought I'd best get back to my blog and share some pics here too. 
So here are some photos of my month so far, I hope you enjoy the peek.

 Easter days at the beach, we've been heading out for a walk a day over the holidays & the beach is my favourite place to go.

Three customer quilts just needing binding Eeek! I had a large customer order come through at the end of Feb, they are due out the door by this weekend. I. Can. Not. Face. Binding. Them.

Four Winds quilt inspired by Jaimes cotton & steel version & too big to fit on my design wall! This has been my "get away" project, the one I have been planning in-between the Etsy order :) 

Due to all of the time out walking and sewing I think Issabella was wanting some extra attention so she climbed in my scrap basket, she isn't normally allowed in my sewing room so I think this may have been a touch of kitty revenge!


  1. oh my gosh, the cat in the scrap basket is adorable! Love the quilts you have in progress. And such a lovely shot of the beach....

  2. Oh what a shame you don't like binding - find me a good movie and I can bind for Britain!!!!

  3. Lovely pictures! Hope you're enjoying the lovely weather :)


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