Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Yellow potpourri and a mini quilt

Well first off I have to apologise about the photo quality, my ability to use my camera and the weather, but here we go anyway!
You may have noticed that I love scrappy bright quilts and this one is no exception. It was an utter pain in the butt to quilt on my little home sewing machine but after needles being put in the wrong way, tension going funny and breaking my walking foot (Story for another time!) I got there in the end. It's straight line quilted top to bottom. The backing fabric, which I love, didn't help. It's curtain fabric of all things but I loved them when I bought them, then I moved house and they were miles too big for my little windows so I think the term is upcycled!

So Kaffe Fasset Yellow potpourri pattern is rather large! I didn't add the inner frame or the top and bottom line of squares, just the side ones. This photo is taken out in my back yard I was trying to take advantage of some sunshine but it hid behind rather large clouds when it saw me coming.

So I wandered over to my mums, quilt and child in hand and asked if I could photograph it in her sitting room 

Only to discover that the aperture of my camera couldn't deal with it unless I stood on some steps - Not going to happen at my mums!

Heres a quick look at the back and binding 
Very pleased with the binding for a change.
This big girl was a total stash buster quilt made mostly from scrap packs that I've been almost obsessively buying *Blush* 
I'm so pleased I've finally made a dent in my fabric supplies though, gives me a good reason to hit Hawthorn threads again :)

So moving onto the mini quilt/wall hanging/doodad thingymajig!
It's cute and has a hanging bit so even if I don't know what on earth I've made I rather like it :D 

And a close up of the Heather Ross print (Just because I love it soooo much!)

I hope you've enjoyed hearing about my quilts and my photographic challenges :)
Have a great week


  1. First off. . cute quilt. But the wall-hanging. . . SHUT UP! I adore this. I'm so afraid to break into my HR fabrics and I just might after seeing this. This is lovely my dear ♥

  2. Hahaha I must admit I had sweaty palms cutting that yardage!
    In truth it was rather liberating though - I recommend it :)


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